Krapopolis Coloring Pages

Krapopolis is animated series of FOX Entertainment's.
Krapopolis Protagonists Tyrannis: Tyrannis is the King of Krapopolis. He is mortal.
Deliria: She is the Tyrannis’ mother (Mother of King). She's described as "Trashy". She is the master of self-destruction. Her choices are usually questionable. Deliria is a member of Olympian family. She's also known as infidelity and patricide!!
Shlub: He is the father of the King Tyrannis. He is a strange creature. He is the combination of (Horse Human) a mantitaur and (Lion Scorpion Human) a manticore. Nobody cares his ideas. He wants to be an artist.
Stupendous: She is half sister of the King Tyrannis. Her mother is Deliria (common in Tyrannis),but her father is a cyclops.
Hippocampus: He is half brother of the King Tyrannis. Her father is Shlub (common in Tyrannis), but her mother is a mermaid.
krapopolis family
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Krapopolis Coloring Page: deliria and tyrannis
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Krapopolis Coloring Page 2: tyrannis the king
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shlub and tyrannis
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tyrannis coloring outline
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Krapopolis Coloring Page 4
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